The Audify currency represents a foundational streaming value derived from a diverse range of sources, including contributions from the community pool, donations, NFT sales, and various other channels. Artists and fans alike have the option to voluntarily hold or lock up their Audify holdings, a strategic move that not only enhances yields on streams but also entitles them to participate in consensus-taking processes that contribute to decision-making within the Audify ecosystem. This innovative approach ensures active engagement and collaboration from both artists and fans, creating a dynamic and mutually beneficial environment within the Audify platform.

Audify tokens take on an integral role when staked, offering users additional benefits and access to special services. Artists, in particular, enjoy diverse options for streaming revenue pricing and receive rewards based on their staked tokens. Similarly, fans who engage in staking gain privileges such as exclusive access, rewards, and unique content and features.

The Audify ecosystem operates on a fundamental community principle that rewards those who contribute higher value and actively participate in the community through Ethereum chain metrics. This approach ensures that the benefits extend to those who not only stake the highest value but also demonstrate ongoing engagement, favoring authenticity and active involvement within the Audify community.

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